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THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BACK IN 2015, but is still as true today as it was then. August 22nd of this year my husband of almost 43 years went home to be with Jesus, and I can tell you everything I’ve learned leading GriefShare for the past 17 years is helpful, but in no way softens the blow of loosing the one you love. But,I’m still making a plan. I spent Thanksgiving with longtime friends in Salado and have made plans for Christmas! I hope you will too! HAVE A BLESSED AND THANKFUL CHRISTMAS!

Those of us right-brained folks are bored to yawns by the word plan. Plan sounds so structured. So slap-your-hand-over-your-mouth tedious. And until we lost a daughter fifteen years ago, I had always hoofed it for the nearest exit when anyone mentioned a regimented plan.

Anacortes barn 3
But grief has schooled me in a few lessons of wisdom that have enabled our journey toward a new normal to be much easier. Like I’ve written about in the past, you don’t have to keep traveling the same road. Take a new route to and beyond your destination.

Anacortes Farm land
And that’s exactly what my Richard and I have done the past several years. Holidays are hard. Yes, even after fifteen years. Even though we’ve settled into our new normal there are some journeys filled with gobble-you-up potholes we’ve chosen not to endure.

Mt. Rainer 2
We’ve chosen a new road. A road filled with unexpected twists and turns. A delightful road—our road less traveled.

Ranier barn 5
That road took us to Seattle, Washington, this year for Thanksgiving. Yep, we made a deliberate plan. Three years ago we escaped to Durango, Colorado. Year before last was Bar Harbor, Maine, and this year Seattle. Don’t have a clue about next year—yet.

Look at the size of them trees
We book a flight very early on Thanksgiving morning. No brainer, who’s in the airport at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving day? Just remember to make reservations for parking your car. All the spots are taken by Thanksgiving morning, unless you’ve made a plan. And we’re wherever by dinnertime and there are no hours of shopping or cooking or cleaning. Just time for hubs and me to enjoy ripping down new scenic highways.

This old Texas gal was amazed at the size of the trees in the great northwest. Made our Texas ones look like anemic little bushes. We love seafood and Seattle’s finest certainly satisfied our appetites. However, we always arrive home starving for great Mexican food, chicken fried steak and Texas barbecue.

Ranier from the lodge
Being a artist, writer, and photographer, you can guess what I spent my holiday doing. Seattle is home to Chihully Gardens, Mt. Rainer, The Ballard Locks, and ferry boats to everywhere. Thank goodness for huge camera cards! I hope you will enjoy my journey these next few weeks. And maybe even consider making your own special plan.

Chihully glass house
The mountains, the rivers, the flavors of new enlarge my heart and mind to think beyond myself and my sorrow. And while it’s not traditional drumsticks and dressing, we’ve met wonderful people from all over the world, and we’re able to look forward to our new tradition.

Ferry on the Bay
If you’re struggling during the holidays, I hope you’ll consider selecting your own new plan.

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