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Two weeks ago our Precept Bible group began our Fall Bible study in the Book of Ezekiel. I knew the book was about visions—lots of them—but had never studied it. The first days homework directed us to read Chapter One. That last verse stopped me cold and sent my mind ripping back through the years…

…to a rainy Sunday afternoon, eight years ago, when my husband and I were returning from Kansas City with our four-year-old grandson, Noah.

Papa drove the car, while Noah and I rode in the backseat and played games and watched the rain splatter on the windshield.

Late in the afternoon we came into Denton, Texas, on I35 South. Traffic was heavy and driving difficult. It had not rained in weeks and the roads were slick.

I glanced toward the east where the sky had cleared and God had painted a spectacular rainbow against the darkness of the passing storm. Noah saw it too and squealed in delight. I began to tell him about his biblical namesake.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the flashing red tail lights of the cars just ahead. Then Papa barked, “Sit back. Brace Noah. Relax.”


Without thinking, I jerked my neck to look out the back window. An eighteen-wheeler barreled toward us. Another quick peek forward and I saw the cars in front of us stopped! The truck driver would never be able to stop in that short distance. Not on these roads.

“Oh, Lord, please,” I gasped and smashed my body against the back of the seat and threw my left arm over Noah, tight as I could.

In a breath, an arc of brilliant color appeared overhead and a luminous golden light shimmered all around us and reflected like a thousand tiny stars over the hood of our car. The power of stillness surrounded us within and without. There was utter silence. Peaceful silence. Entrancing silence.

Then it was gone.

How long had it lasted? Minutes? Seconds? I don’t know.

But the cars in front of us had stopped. The truck in back of us stopped a few feet from our back bumper. And we stopped. No squealing brakes, no sliding tires, no honking horns. Not a sound.

Transfixed. I sat, unable to speak. Papa let out a long sigh and put the car in motion as the cars in front of us moved too. Neither Noah, Papa, nor I said a word for a few minutes. Then I leaned forward and whispered, “Honey, what did you see back there? What happened?”

Papa wiped his forehead and ran his hand down the back of his neck. He turned and glanced at me. “You tell me what you saw, first.”

“No. Please. Tell me.”

He stammered, “I…it looked like…we were in the middle of a rainbow and the light…DiAne, was unreal. Golden. Sparkling. So quiet and peaceful.”

Our eyes locked in the rear-view mirror and I whispered, “Me too!”

Papa shrugged his shoulders. “Honey, I’ve driven over 2,000,000 miles and watched disastrous consequences occur in comparable situations. That back there…,” his head tilted backward, “…only God could have spared us.”

I turned to Noah. His precious head slumped against the shoulder of his car seat. Sound asleep.

We rode another few miles pondering all that had transpired. Each of us knew a power greater than anything we had ever experienced or known had intervened in our lives. And for once in my life, I was speechless. Full of awe, wonder and worship.

Eight years later there is still a catch in my throat, and tears in my eyes when my mind plays that scene over again.

And that light—

Though I’m an artist I’m at a loss to describe, paint or interpret it in any way except glorious.

What I know is that someway, somehow, the hand of God miraculously spared us that stormy afternoon in Denton, Texas. And He allowed us a glimpse into the world around us that we can’t see—yet.

Noah is now twelve years old and is the same young man I wrote about in my blog Mother’s Day—Again. The same baby God healed in the womb.

I suspect our Father in Heaven has a very special plan for him.

Noah, if you’re listening, that’s three times God has saved you. Once in the womb, once that Sunday afternoon on a highway outside of Dallas, Texas, and once two years ago when you trusted Jesus and gave your heart and life to Him. Never, never, never forget that, grandson.

And wherever you are today, dear reader, God loves you. And He has a very special plan for your life too. Believe Him. Love Him. Trust and obey Him. Because He alone is faithful.

Has God ever  intervened and by the supernatural power of His mighty hand delivered you from illness, death or harm? If so, please share your story with us.

            “As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face and heard a voice speaking,” (NAS Ezekiel 1:28).


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