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The plan has been to publish the next book in this series every six months…then Corona happened and the bottom fell out of everything…especially book sales. So we’ve decided to wait ’til the market settles before releasing this next book.

But I couldn’t wait to give you a glimpse of the cover…let me know what you think. Hope this one perks your interest in this series.

Sales for the other two books are also slow…but during the lull, I’m still working on the next three THE MASTER’S PLAN REVEALED THROUGH JUDGES, PROPHETS, AND KINGS and THE MASTER’S PLAN REVEALED THROUGH THE MASTER and finally THE MASTER’S PLAN REVEALED THROUGH YOU.

It certainly looks as if we are rushing toward the end of this age and scripture tells us “…The fields are white, ready to harvest.” The books from this series make marvelous gifts to families with young children.


TheMaster'sPlan Book Two

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