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God called us to be a peculiar people—a people of His own choosing. That means we are to stand out in the crowd. We are to shine the light of His truth to everyone…not to just a chosen few church members on Sunday morning.

Many of you have read my account of the Sunday morning I took a long look at my forty-seven-year-old self and despised what I saw!

Two days later I raced to the foot of the Cross, finally understanding my name on a church role meant nothing if my name wasn’t written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

Last night I read the account of God’s chosen people in Exodus 32. Those ancient Israelites were camping at the foot of Mt. Sinai, wondering where their leader Moses was—forty days before…a month and a week…he had climbed up the mountain and disappeared into the Shekinah cloud of God’s glory. Forty long days and no word. Was he dead or alive? How long did a meeting with God last?

So, they played God and decided they couldn’t wait any longer to find out. Times were about to change!

But high on the mountain God was laying out plans for the future of His covenant people—in great detail—to His servant Moses. Have we ever considered in our tiny minds God is doing the same thing for us? Have you ever considered you…me…we don’t have all the answers…but God tells us:

“Whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope” (Romans 15:4 NAS).

Could that instruction mean we are to study what happened on Mt. Sinai and learn from it? I think so…

God stopped their meeting and told Moses to go down—these people he (Moses) had rescued from slavery were corrupting themselves…worshiping an idol that led to a drunken, dancing, who-knows-what-else-kinda party.

Now, before you cluck your tongue, like I’ve done in the past—think for a bit about times in your life when you’ve grown tired of waiting for God to act? Waiting is the name of our bumpy road to FAITH.

These obstinate people, as God called them, had squandered God’s gold that was to be used for His holy Tabernacle and used it for an idol—an object made with human hands—for something to worship when they couldn’t see Him. Yet they had seen Him and the sight of His presence coming down over the mountain. They had heard the lightning and thunder and the sound of His voice scared the begebers out of them. They begged Moses to listen and then tell them what God had to say…and yet they bowed down to worship a home-made idol made by Aaron’s hands when they had personally seen the power and might of the Almighty God coming down over Mt. Sinai?

Have you ever squandered God’s provisions? Have you ever traded your awe and worship of the Lord God Almighty for something you could touch and hold in your hand or that brought some kind of fake comfort? Things you’ve done that were it not for God’s grace you wouldn’t be reading this post right now?

I stopped at the end of Chapter 32 and outlined in my mind my own delusional Mt. Sinai moments. Moments I must have provoked God just like those ancient Israelites did—and I both shudder and am grateful for His amazing grace.

And as a nation—a nation of God’s people in the beginning—we too have blended with the crowd ‘cause we didn’t want to look, act, or appear to be different, and have bowed at the idol of self-preservation—trying to look, act, and be like everyone else. As I look around today, I shudder in the realization of what America and Americans have become and am downright afraid as I watch the evening news and see what our children are becoming.

Ancient Israel never got the message they were not to be like everyone else—they were and are chosen by God. The nation of Israel has paid a horrible price for their obstinance; and I’m afraid, if we don’t fall on our faces before Him, we are also about to find out what the price of obstinance toward God looks like.

Perhaps God will grant us a small window of escape to get up off our sanctimonious fannies and go vote to keep this nation from the current and planned siege of Communism, bowing before the left’s molten calf.

Before the sun went down on Mt. Sinai, that day so long ago, Moses gave the order to the Levites and about 3,000 of those ancient Israelites lay dead on the wilderness floor because they had sinned by leading the way in making a god of gold and enticed others to join them. Disobedience to God has consequences—and God never changes.

Moses burned the golden image and then ground it up and dumped it in the people’s drinking water. We aren’t drinking the dregs of our golden calf—yet. But we are sure living in the midst of dangerous chaos, before God’s judgment falls.

Then Moses returned to the presence of the Lord on Mt. Sinai to pleaded for His mercy and to entreat Him not to destroy the Israelites because of His covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

God hasn’t promised to protect America. But He has promised to remove His children (those who’ve been washed in the blood of The Lamb and are walking in His truth) from this earth before the awful pouring out of God’s judgment comes. After 70 million babies have been slaughtered under the title of “choice” and God’s instruction for the marriage covenant violated and set aside by this same political party that kicked God out of their midst last year, do we think God is asleep at the wheel? Or perhaps as some claim…do you think these bogus leaders could possibly worship the same God we do? That’s blasphemy!

Do we have advocates like those Levites who silenced the troublemakers among them? Well, we did; but now these same bogus leaders are also winning in the race to destroy the laws of this nation as well as to de-legitimize and de-fund our policemen and women. And their plan has infiltrated the hearts and minds of our children while we fiddled as our families burned.

Is there any hope? Yes! God is our hope…our only hope. But He requires obedience from His people. If every true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ would vote according to God’s Word…notice I did not say according to the personality of the candidate…perhaps God might have mercy on America one more time…like He did with Ancient Israel—but oh what a cost that generation paid for their disbelief. They believed the lies of the troublemakers and they were not allowed to go into the Promised Land…they perished in the desert.

God always allows us to make the choice…but the nation of Israel, to this point in time, is a living example of what consequences look like when they chose to reject living by God’s law.

But one day! One day, perhaps soon, there will be Gentile and Jew in one body in Christ in that nation where King Jesus will rule and reign with a rod of iron. Why a rod of iron? Did you think the Millennial Kingdom would be perfect? You’ll have to read next week’s post.

Pray for our nation’s healing. Pray for God’s people to stand for God’s truth rather than sitting on their thumbs trying to blend into the woodwork. It’s long past time to speak the truth of God’s Word to your children, friends and neighbors…but you can’t speak or teach what you don’t know!

“Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; and let those who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away; as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish before God. But let the righteous be glad, let them exult before God…Sing to God, sing praises to His name!” (Psalm 68:1-4(a).

                                                            IF YOU HAVEN’T… GO VOTE!

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