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TheMaster'sPlan2_CoverPrint copy Book 2

Here are the updated cover copies…front and back… for Book Two in The Master’s Plan Revealed Through God’s Word. We are shooting for a release date during the first week in July.

You can order copies on Amazon.com and “Especially for You” Tea Room in Kaufman, Texas carries this series as well as my “Roped” series. If you have a gift shop and would like to carry copies of my books I’d be happy to talk with you.

And as an added note…for the third or fourth time, I’ve changed the title of Book Three…at this point the book is titled “The Master’s Plan Revealed Through Promises, Prophets, Priests and Kings”. What do y’all think?

While the first book in this series was very elementary, each book will grow with your family’s study of the Word. Watch for the release date! And remember every writer…and artist…likes to hear from their readers, both on our blog sites as well as with reviews…else we become lonely!

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