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Mother’s Day will be hear … again. And for those of us who’ve lost our mothers, and for mothers who’ve lost their children, this is a difficult time. I ask you to think about sending cards to those mom’s who’ve lost children. We’ve not ceased to be mothers. And remember God uses the dark times in our lives to teach us the most important things about ourselves, but also the amazing wonders of who He is and who we are in Him.


“Mama, I sure do miss you and wish I’d said ‘I love you’ more often.”
I’m sure each one of you reading this post feel the same way if your mother isn’t with you this Mother’s Day. But a blogging friend of mine sent a post this morning from “Home’s Cool,” 2009 08 04 206_edited-1entitled “What Would Your Mother Do?” And as I wrote a comment to her post it triggered memories. Memories I’d like to share, hoping we will guard our hearts every moment of every day. Because the Word tells us what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart.

My Mama had a beautiful voice and she loved to sing. And in the spring and summer, when the windows were opened, I could hear her singing a block from home. So could the neighbors. It was no secret Mama loved Jesus.

She also loved to cook and give parties…

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