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I wrote this post in 2015 and while rereading it today, I’m horrified that rather than turning to Christ Jesus Americans have taken a left turn, rushing down the highway of rebellion to all that is holy and righteous. So how do we stop the bleeding? Read this post and find out.


Darkness obscured the noise.
Glass crashed and shattered across the floor.
A brick wrapped in brown butcher paper, decorated with hate speech scribbled in black and tied with a string, fell to the floor.
Unable to move, a frightened boy gawked. His saucer-sized-eyes reflected the horror exploding inside him.
Torched by a man saturated in hate, a flaming match ignited the gasoline he’d doused on a cross, illuminating a black football jersey with his brother’s number 22—hung there to fry in hell’s fury.

I sat in the shadows and shook and sobbed as the above scene flashed across the wide screen. Unable to restrain the gush of anguish. Transported fifty years in the past—my early teens—to a street corner in Jacksonville, Florida, just after dark. Where A gang of unruly men in white robes with pointed hoods. Shouted death threats. And burned another cross.

My brother and I were glued…

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As we approach the 2019 Christmas Season, many of us are still struggling, caught up in the tide pools the past year has shoved us into. If you’re struggling take a moment and refresh your heart and mind…God is still in control…you don’t have to be. The trial you’re going through didn’t catch our Lord by surprise and He loves you! And He still has a marvelous plan for your life. Stop struggling and let Him show you!


The morning was bright, the tide low, and a gentle breeze stirred along the shoreline. Gulls strutted the water’s edge and my heart soared as patterns of foam danced up the sand while pelicans glided just above the sunlit waves.

I splashed through the pools of salt-water left along the beach from the receding tide. Some were slim and shallow. Others wide and deep. Various shapes and sizes. Each one cut off…

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