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Years ago God placed a plan in my mind and I sketched, then transferred the images to illustration board with ink and water colors…all the while writing.

But when you’re new at something, sometimes you don’t have the back-bone to see it through. That was me back in the late ’80’s and ’90’s. I wrote this four book series, illustrated it, and like any other newbie author sent it off… expecting to be the latest Joel Rosenberg. What a surprise when my manuscript was rejected.

Broadman Publishing told me it wasn’t scriptural…animals didn’t talk. Hmm, how about Baalam’s donkey in the Book of Judges? Like any other inexperienced author, I thew the manuscript in the drawer where it would sit for the next years, grabbed a box of Kleenex and proceeded to sob my heart out…all that work…for nothing.

But God had a plan I couldn’t begin to imagine.

I continued to write…hit and miss…suffered the loss of mother, dad, and mother-in-law, and finally in 2001 our 28 year old daughter died suddenly from a hemorrhagic stroke, and writing was put on the back-burner while we cared for our grand-babies.

However, God walks with us through seasons of life to accomplish His purposes in us. I finally registered with ACW (American Christian Writers), went to a conference, met two wonderful encouragers, Frank Ball and Jan Brand, and began my journey learning to write. I met six other very serious writers and we formed a group, calling ourselves the Literati, and for the next few years set aside every Wednesday evening from 5:30 ’til 9 p.m. to meet and critique and learn to write.

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The fruit of this venture was a contract with Prism, then Pelican Book Group for the first two books in The Roped Series ~ Roped and Twisted. Third book,  Untied, is a work in progressBut this year God laid The Master’s Plan on my heart and because of the talented work of my first publisher, Joan Baer Alley, helping this computer illiterate writer,  the first, The Master’s Plan Revealed Through Creation will be released…



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I am so excited! God opened doors and finally, even after the loss of my husband of forty-two years, two months ago,  God has given the courage to walk through the doors He’s opened. The next three will be released in hopefully six month intervals: The Master’s Plan Revealed Through The Word, The Master’s Plan Revealed Through the Life of the Master, and The Master’s Plan Revealed Through You.


These books are written and designed to help parents develop a devotional time with their children to learn the Word of God…and you can do this even if you, parents, don’t know the Word yourself…it becomes a place of bonding of your family with the truth of God and His Word.

The first two release days, The Master’s Plan Revealed Through Creation will be reduced in price. I pray God will speak to your heart about children, grandchildren, and neighbor children who need to hear these truths. Friday morning, October 11th, you can go to http://www.Amazon.com/books and type in my name in the tool bar…”DiAne Gates, The Master’s Plan Revealed Through Creation, and the page will pop up. You can also scroll down to click on my Author Page to see my other books.

And, of course, like any other writer, we thrive on reviews. Let me know what you think. We have arrived at a time in the history of our country where the Lord God Almighty is the only one who can save our families and our nation…but we must be on our knees repenting and asking. Where better to begin than with your family teaching them The Master’s Plan!

                                                                                                                                                                        DiAne N. Gates


P. S. Here are two more illustrations to tickle your attention from Books Two and Three of The Master’s Plan Revealed Through the Word…and Through You.


DSCF2870 005








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