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Last week I posted the first of the series on grief I wrote “Grief’s Ugly Step-Sisters” and there was such response, I am again reposting the next post “The Road to Our New Normal.” I pray this post helps those of you new to this tedious journey. Be sure to let us know how  you’re doing and if we can help!

We are the object of attention—until the day after the funeral. That’s when everyone’s life returns to normal. Everyone else’s life, that is.

But not ours.

It’s like we’re on the outside looking in. We humans want to fit in, we’re miserable when we don’t. And in the aftermath of grief we don’t belong. Anywhere. We’ve been stuffed in a sack, shaken up and dumped out. Forever changed.

There’s good news and bad news about grief. The bad news? We will never be the same again. The good news?…

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