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Appearing today on E. A. West’ s “Wednesday Words”. Please stop by and let me know what state you’re from.

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Those of us not born-and-breed Texans love to say I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here soon as I could! And those wise words applied to our family too. There’s something about Texas hospitality, food, and folks that slips under your skin and transforms a person into a new Texan from the inside out.

Twisted cover artI’ve photographed miles of Florida sand and waves, but when we arrived in Texas my heart’s desire was to become a rodeo photographer. But somewhere along the way the urge to write about Texas Rodeo families won the coin toss—and The Roped Series was born.

Kids today need to be challenged to crawl from in front of their computers and X-boxes, and there’s no better way than learning to rope and ride. Rodeo kids are good kids… at the end of the day they’re…

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New post just published this morning…hope it helps younger moms!

Stored memories. Every day. Some etched in technicolor, others fade…

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