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Traveling life’s road, you’re either inside or outside the boundaries. There is no middle ground despite what’s blared on the news and in social media, taught in classrooms, and whispered by those who seek to deceive and destroy America.

1181 Gates and shadows

People speak of fence sitting, but this ole’ Texas gal who’s climbed over many-a-fence, can tell you it’s impossible to straddle that fence more than a minute or two before choosing which way I’m gonna jump. And your life’s like that too.

When my brother or I were aggravated about her boundaries, Mama always said—Fences are not built to keep kiddos inside, but to keep the bad stuff out. But the Z’s and Millennial generations throw up their hands and shout while catapulting over the boundaries God set—to a different place they’ve been led to believe is life at its best. And it appears to be…until the consequences of living outside of God’s Word ensnares and traps ’em in desperate and sometimes fatal wrong choices.

Texas is a land of fences of every make and description—boundaries. Safety zones. Zones that denote who and what belongs to whom. There is security and safety inside the fence. Outside is the highway; and for any stray foolish enough to find a lose rail and slip through, there is disaster—not only for the escapee, but often also for the highway traveler.

Black and white with sign

God warns His people throughout the Old Testament, “Do not move the ancient boundaries” (Proverbs 22:28, 23:10).  And those stubborn, rebellious folks couldn’t wait to leap over His delineated lines of behavior and be like the pagan nations—just like we do. Why do we find it necessary to test His limits? Is it a lack of trust in who He is? A genetic malfunction in our spirits, a fleshly body that always hollers “gimme, gimme, gimme?” The answer is a resounding YES!

But there is also another dimension to this boundary issue…whether you believe it or not…his name is Lucifer—Satan—the devil. He’s the first created being who chose to defy God, and he influenced one-third of the heavenly hosts to side with him. This created being decided he was bigger and better than God. Was he? Of course not, but over the ages he’s deceived and convinced great multitudes from every nation to agree with his lies.

Growing up in the generation between The Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, we were taught to use our brains, not a calculator. We had to read a road map, not follow a GPS. I learned to type on a manual typewriter, and Mama required my brother and I to mow the lawn—with a push mower. We were taught the Word of God at home and at school. Think about it, our brains, our reasoning, our hands, and our bodies learned to work, with God’s help, to make it through each day. There was no time spent in front of a wide screen, acting and reacting to make-believe war games and questionable mind-changing deceptions.

Southern trial fence and BB

But parents, absorbed with making enough money to purchase all the stuff that calls us from outside the boundaries, have allowed our children to be taught there is no such thing as absolute truth. No such thing as a holy God who demands righteous obedience to His law and His Son. So consequently, our kids have little difficulty rejecting boundaries God set to protect them, choosing instead to attempt to live in a middle ground vacuum that doesn’t exist. And many adults, even church members, dwell in that fantasy middle ground too.

Think about this, in the pre-civil war era, when the drum beats of slavery vs. freed men was debated in the south, churches chose to straddle the fence, because many of their members—  tithers, were slave owners, rather than come down on the side of the Word of God and this nation’s Constitution, which states—“All men are created equal. Endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…” You know the rest of this quote. And being unable to dwell in that middle-ground-straddling-the-fence-vacuum, the southern churches silently slid into the quagmire of pro-slavery…because of money, greed, and the deception they couldn’t make it without their slaves.

Today there are debilitating national lies attempting to lure us to believe we can live and drive our stake in middle ground territory. Those who lift their self-righteous heads and smooth their fine apparel while sitting in church on Sunday morning, above and avoiding the fray. But there is no middle ground with God or His people where the sanctity of marriage is concerned. No middle ground in sodomy and homosexuality. No middle ground for almost 70 million and counting babies lost to abortion. No middle ground in vicious racism, even within the halls of our nation’s government. No middle ground in the battle between The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Satan. And folks, these are the issues fueling the battle in America today, whether you believe it or not.

One side will win these national battles. And one side will lose. It’s our choice.

But remember, there is no middle ground. Like those pre-Civil War citizens, you too will be forced to choose. Best be sure your choice is in line with what God says…not your congressman, your neighbor, or your BFF.

“But He knows the way I take; when He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His path; I have kept His way and not turned aside. I have not departed from the command of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food” (Job 23:10-12 NAS).

Road 660 Ennis

I am ever grateful for America’s founding fathers who believed and lived in the green pastures of the boundaries of the Word of God—the place of His mercy and grace, in the peace of His presence. And I am praying for God’s mercy and intervention with a life and nation changing Holy Spirit Revival in a United States of America.

How about you? Where do you reside? In the shifting sands of the vaporizing middle ground or within the boundaries of our eternal, all powerful Lord God Almighty?


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