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It’s been almost a year since I wrote and published this post. And look what a year has brought. Yes, we have a new president. One who came to power only by the grace and mercy of our God. A man who, if we unite as one nation under God, may swing this nation back to faith in trust in our Creator. But the large, silent majority in this nation must rejoin the battle rather than snoozing through the P.C. stupor.


Today’s world is instant everything. No waiting. From fast food, microwaves, Keurig’s, iPhones, computers, the list is endless. Waiting takes patience; and patience seems to be a fruit of the Spirit we no longer deem important.


So what causes your toe-to-tap this morning? Tell the truth—shame the devil. The long line at McDonalds when you’re late? A spouse who can’t seem to get his/her act together? Lazy kids? A promotion at work? A neglected raise in your paycheck?  A new house? A new car? Your children to grow up and attain the level of success you ask? Or a kajillion other must haves on your list of life’s most importants?

But look around. Are all these things the reason for success? Or are we missing the point—the eternal point? Dr. Tommy Nelson, ThD in Lewisville, Texas, writes:

“History goes this way: What one generation resists, the next will allow. What…

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