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“Hey! Are you sure you can hear that?” My husband slid into the passenger seat shaking his head.

“Just zoning…” I grinned and reached for the off button. “…you know how I like my tunes.”

“How could I miss your like?”  He leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Even though you’re scalding my ear drums.”

I remembered that afternoon in the car as I sat in the audiologist’s office this week and heard sounds I hadn’t heard in years. When the doctor slipped the miraculous little hearing device over the top of my ears I felt my eyes pop and I whispered, “Wow!”

Last evening, we sat on the back patio and I realized it had been a long time since I’d heard birds singing. The kitchen floor creaking as I walked—another sound I had been unable to hear—and the neighbor’s dog woofing a warning. The sound of my hand brushing the fabric of my sleeve. The refrigerator motor cutting off and on.

Back yard pond 2

And I’m sure you’re wondering is she deaf?

No, moderately hearing impaired—over a period of time. But isn’t that how all issues of our senses wane? A little bit at a time. Slowly. So slow we aren’t aware of change. Until we suddenly comprehend we’ve lost something valuable and are caught in the muddle of this mess.

Isn’t this the same process that has deafened Americans?

Years ago, Satan whispered to our generation it isn’t a baby—it’s just tissue—a fetus. And we never blinked. Oh, some folks raised a ruckus, but the rest just rolled over this bump in life, brushed it aside, and kept on going.

A few years prior to that, Satan shouted, God is dead. The only people who heard were those weird flower children—what did they know? But the messages kept coming while those blossom children bloomed children of their own. And we waltzed through the days of our lives while the whispered deception and lies accelerated their cadence. For most of the past forty or fifty years, we’ve either ignored or were too busy or tone deaf to consider the end result—we just couldn’t hear.

Just like my ear drums, our consciences dulled to the rhythm of this age, while our families, our children, our government, and everyday happenstance caused us to drift from truth and right living. But finally, the cries of fifty-seven-million plus murdered babies screamed as loud as our backyard pond’s pump which roared in my ears last night like Niagara Falls.

Falls by DiAne 2

Yanked into the stark reality, of Heather’s New Mommy and Daddy’s New Friend, we awoke to a Supreme Court stacked against freedom. Legislators drowning in a quagmire of sin. A constitution shredded. A nation of millennial’s whose values were light-years apart from their parents. With a government racing toward Socialism—a one-world government, and a world utterly strangulated in chaos.

After a few hours of hearing sounds I hadn’t heard in years—including the sound of my own voice echoing in my ears—I was ready to rip off those magpie microphones shouting truth, and retreat back into my world of solitude. But I knew that spelled disaster and death for me and blocked the purpose for which God created me.

“…let us also lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith…” (Hebrews 12:1-4 NKJV).

And likewise, if we ignore the state of our families, our nation, our world, our souls will be trapped in the death drone toward hell and we may well spend eternity suffering the consequences of our wrong choices.


When your hearing diminishes, it affects not only your ability to hear, but smothers your brain’s ability to distinguish and identify sounds. That’s why those subjected to hearing loss constantly say, “I’m sorry… I can’t hear you.” Their cognizance has also diminished and, if nothing intervenes, silence will swallow their ability to respond. And the same thing happens to your heart and your spirit when you refuse to accept truth—your heart and mind lose the ability to hear and understand God’s truth, leaving you to hear only lies and deception.

So, I’m determined to keep those powerful little megaphones inserted in my ears. I will regroup, persevere, and retrain my brain to the clamor and noise of life, the words of friends, the Truth of the Word of God, and rejoin the pace of the race our Lord left me here to run.

How about you? What kind of aid do you need to straighten your life’s course? Will you choose to run the race by the power of God’s Spirit or slink along in the silence of Satan’s deception? It’s up to you, but you must choose while you still have the ability to think and act. Ask God to open the eyes and ears of your heart and your spirit to discern His Truth in all things you face each day. We need only look back through history to remember those who waited too long.

      Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it!

Heart Matters 2

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