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The celebration of Twisted’s release continues with prize give-a-ways today, July 17th thru Friday, July 21st.

Toss your hat in the ring for one of the thank you gifts to my readers! Today we’re giving away two matted, signed sets of DiAne’s photos as seen below. Drawing will be around 9 p.m. central time tonight…unless I fall asleep in my chair–like I did last night!

Texas Wildflowers




“The girls giggled and hid their faces in their hands. Leave it to Mama to smooth the situation. However, her explanation didn’t work for me.

Mama turned in the direction of our barn, as if she knew something we didn’t. Her eyes narrowed and she gave two quick sniffs.

Something wasn’t right.

I could feel it.

I could smell it.

I could taste it.

I jerked toward the breeze and my eyes locked on a trail of smoke swirling above the tree tops.

‘Get the rangers, Crissy!’ Mama yelled and bolted across the yard. She was out the gate running toward our house before I could react.”

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