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Mow Me Down

Julie, God gave you these words for such a time as this! And all Prism authors said “Amen!” The past three days left all Prism Authors wondering “What do I do now?” And we all prayed in one accord…and according to His faithfulness God answered in a mighty way! Listen to Julie’s account and application. You’ll be blessed too!

Where Did You Find God Today?

I looked at the Psalm for the day and snickered at the appropriateness. He shall come down like rain upon the mowed field, like showers that water the earth.”  Psalm 72:6

This week I felt as if a giant lawn mower had plowed over me. My publisher gave official notice it would be closing. That meant all of my books published with them would now be as if they did not exist. I’d been an auhtor with this company for four years and produced seven fictional works, with two more in the works.

If I wanted to self-publish these works or seek a new publisher I could buy the edited, proofed and formatted manuscript and also the cover design– for a very fair price.  But, the two others I had under contract would not ever come to fruition. The two after that I’d queried in hopes of contracting…poof.

lawn-1812944_640Like a mowed field…

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