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In light of the threat of President Obama signing the U.N. attempt to snatch Israel’s land and the terrorists burning of Israel’s land, this message in song is more important to share with the Jewish people this Christmas. Time is short. We must go and tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes, Jesus, please come and save Your people Israel!

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I love Christmas Carols.  Well, who doesn’t, right?

Growing up Jewish, I didn’t get to sing the carols too often. But I did secretly love them.  I hid them in my heart and would sing them quietly when I was alone. I also hid the excitement and beauty of the Christmas season in my heart. I earnestly desired to know this Jesus around whom this holiday revolved. Who was He really? And why was He kept from me?

In high school I was in our school’s chorus. We were really good – good enough to be invited to the Mall in D.C. to sing at Christmas. I cherished that time. I could finally sing O Holy Night with the others .

I doubt whether the other kids knew what was going on inside of me.  I wonder if a lot of them took these songs for granted, having sung them…

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