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Storm 2

Dear Friends,

A few years ago, while I was in quarantine, I watched a documentary about hurricanes. I was fascinated by the pictures of the huge, swirling storms. The storms were so powerful and so incredibly massive. Footage was shown of trees bending and people staggering. The message was clear—a hurricane could blow you away and destroy your house.

After the show was over, I sat with my chin in my hands and thought about my life. Truthfully, I felt like I had been hit by a hurricane. My illness had stripped away everything I was proud of—everything that used to define who I was. I had to quit my job, stop coaching, stop attending church, stop having lunch with friends. My personal hurricane had swooped down and stolen it all.

Broken houseAs I contemplated what I had lost, I began to worry about my future. After all, what type of future…

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