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With the Thanksgiving Holidays upon us, I revisited this blog and realize since the time I published this a few years ago, many, many more of you have joined the ranks of those of us who’ve lost loved ones. And the holidays are often very difficult. We wish we could go to sleep today and wake up January 1, 2016. But the better thing we could do would be to talk to ourselves…and the Lord…about what we’re thankful for. Hope this brightens your holiday as you join the ranks of those who choose to be thankful today.


This past week a friend and fellow GriefShare leader recommended a book by author Ann Voskamp, “one thousand gifts.” I bought the book and took it with me to read on vacation. What a life-changer.

Ms. Voskamp issued a challenge to make a list of a thousand gifts for which I am thankful. Gifts God gives me each day. Gifts I brush aside or fail to notice. Gifts for which I never say thank you to my loving Father for giving, just because He loves me.

I took Ann’s challenge and this week’s blog will be a compilation of my musings and photos taken while on vacation to Hilton Head Island and Charleston, South Carolina, where I stopped, took notice, and thanked God for these gifts, precious things to me.

I pray you too will be compelled to pick up your pen and paper to begin your list. And while…

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