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The Kind Word

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver….” so Danele’s words are tonight. Be comforted and encouraged, sweet friends.



Dear Friends,

Somewhere around my sixth year of quarantine, I ended up having trouble with my eyes. I’d been spending hours in front of the computer writing books, so my eye trouble wasn’t surprising. I knew I needed an appointment with the eye doctor, but I was reluctant to make one. You see, for someone with multi-chemical sensitivity, a trip to the doctor is full of danger. Walking into a building exposes you to cleansers. Walking by people exposes you to perfume. Walking by a bathroom exposes you to air fresheners. Logically speaking, a trip from quarantine is inevitably going to lead to chemical exposure. After all, a person can only hold their breath for so long.  In my case, it’s around two minutes and twenty seconds. Guess how I know? Simply put, leaving quarantine is going to result in painful side effects—and that’s frightening.

Before quarantine, I used to…

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