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Stars and Yard Lights

Another thought provoking, beautiful post by friend and author, Danele Rotharmel.


purple sky

Dear Friends,

When I was in quarantine, it was dangerous for me to go outside during the day. My neighbors knew my condition–and they tried to be considerate—but they had to live too. When I’d stick my nose out my door, it seemed there was always a ditch being burned or a lawn being mowed. Since I couldn’t always go out during the day, I took to wandering by night. At 2 a.m., the road in front of my house was deserted, and I could walk to my heart’s content. The pitch dark of deep night became my time of freedom.

purple stars

Everything is quiet late at night, and the stars are spectacular. Since I wasn’t in danger of being run over, I’d walk down the middle of the road with my face tipped up toward the sky and look at the constellations. I’d always been interested in astronomy, but I’d…

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