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Embrace the Chaos

New friend and fellow Prism Book Group author penned this post today that I feel is so relevant to our lives. Please read and ponder her words.



Dear Friends,

During my second year of quarantine, I came down a severe case of cabin fever, and when I say severe, I mean SEVERE!! Quarantine was REALLY getting on my nerves. As I focused on the things I couldn’t do, my discontentment grew. Some days, I would pace between the table and the couch clenching and unclenching my fists while rehearsing my list of “forbidden” activities. I can’t drive. I can’t go to church. I can’t have lunch with friends. I can’t go to a movie. I can’t go to the grocery store. I can’t go to the mailbox when cars are on the road. I can’t go for a walk when the neighbor is running her dryer. I can’t…I can’t…

One day, the frustration I felt exploded into a burst of rage. I couldn’t stand being trapped inside for one more second. I stopped pacing and stormed out the door…

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