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I’m pleased to have my friend and author, Jewell Tweedt, visit with us on my blog today. Jewell’s book A Bride for the Sheriff was released this week and is available on Amazon.com.

Jewell, tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks, DiAne. I have written the fictional series, The Back to Omaha Adventures, and the newly published diary, Gold in My Pocket. And this week Prism Book Group has released my novel A Bride for the Sheriff. I’m a field editor for Our Iowa magazine, and I teach American History and love to read, watch old movies and anything Okoboji.

You can read more about Jewell at her blog site tweedtjewell.blogspot.com. Take a look at this cover and blurb from this must read new book.

“Claire cocked back the trigger and fired. Bud staggered back, a look of disbelief on his face. A patch of crimson blossomed on his left shoulder, and he fell to the ground, blood forming in a pool around his body. Claire looked at the gun and the body before her in wide-eyed horror. Her legs went rubbery and the yard spun. She clutched the barn wall to steady herself. Tom where are you? Her world went black.”

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