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The seawall contorted and ripped apart. Twisted rebarb gaped out of caverns in the cement like arthritic fingers grasping for a place to latch onto. A boiling sea swirled around and over the piers and floor joists of The Old Copper Kettle. A sharp crack. A groan. And the building shuddered, then succumbed to the pounding waves.

I stood on an unbroken portion of the wall and watched in silent horror while memories of family dinners full of laughter and love broke apart, swallowed by an angry ocean. The old landmark restaurant swept away forever.

A breach in the seawall allowed raging waters to rush beyond the protective barrier. Rogue currents attacked everything in their path and brought ultimate destruction to The Old Kettle and to a nearby hotel as well.

We call the culprits hurricanes, but God is sovereign over all things. In the Book of Ezekiel He tells us over and over what He did because of Israel’s rebellion, so that they may know He is God and beside Him, there is no other.” Yet, like Israel, we have refused to hear and heed His warnings to us. We refer to Mother Nature’s caprice and have refused to believe these events are in fact warnings from the God of all creation, so that we will know He is God, and repent.

On that late September afternoon, standing at the edge of this turbulent scene, God chiseled a life lesson in my mind and on my heart. When the walls of His protection are torn down, the consequence for those inside is death.

God built a wall of laws to shelter His people—His principles and statutes that give life and blessing. However, He warned, when they violated His Word, they would surely die.

There are abysmal breaches in America’s walls of protection. Enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ have invaded our land with the relentless power of pounding waves. Destructive waves that suck up and swallow down this throat of eternal death, all who believe the lie and deception that disobedience to God is okay.

God said, “the shedding of innocent blood pollutes the land; and for that reason the land will spew you out” (Leviticus 18:22-30 NAS).

He also said, “when a man lies with another man the way he would lie with a woman, it is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22 NAS, Romans 1:26-27 NAS).

Will the piers and pilings of God’s principles stand firm in our land? Will the floor joists of His precepts support our nation on the solid footing of His Word, or will we accept the world’s thinking, which will propel us toward a catastrophic end?

The Lord God Jehovah will not hear our cries for rescue when His own people defy, deny, and despise the truth of His Word.

A non-vote or a vote against the Laws of God will unleash the power of a raging sea of destruction, sweeping America from its moral foundations into the abyss of lies and deceptions, just like The Old Copper Kettle washed away in the waves. God warned, “He that is not for Me, is against Me” (Matthew 12:30 NAS).

Will you vote for or against His Word?

Please join me in repairing the breaches or will you choose to lay them waste?

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