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Ever play the game of  Gossip? Betcha have. Remember the outcome? Laughter. Hilarious chuckles when that last person repeats the translation of what has been whispered from mouth to ear around the circle of participants.

Somewhere between the first and last persons, the words became garbled, distorted, and tangled. The ending words and meaning very different than what was said in the beginning.

Life’s like that. It’s all about our ability to listen, interpret what we hear, and then pass that experience or lesson on to the next person. If we don’t listen well, or misinterpret what we’ve heard or learned, we cause a twist or a distortion in that lesson of life for generations to come.

Last evening my husband Richard and I attended Kirk Cameron’s new movie Monumental. It was a life changing event for the two of us.

Kirk begins by asking many of the questions you and I have asked, “How did we get in this mess and what are we supposed to do about it?” His journey to find answers takes him back to those first Americans—the Pilgrims. Did you know they have real names and faces, recorded in historical writings? They were patriots the likes of which we have never known. He takes us back to England and then Holland to reveal that their message has been distorted somewhere between the 1600’s and 2012.

Richard and I sat mesmerized while an unknown and unexpected history lesson unfolded on the screen. God’s finger probed the depths of my heart and pinpointed the puny nature of my existence and my faith. My lack of fortitude to live with the strength and the conviction exhibited by these founders of America during my appointed time here on earth. I too have lived with a sense of entitlement—because I am an American. A distortion? A deception. Or both?

Then he revealed the little known but timely message chiseled in granite, that the Pilgrims left for each one of us, on a piece of ground in Plymouth, Massachusetts. And no, I’m not talking about Plymouth Rock.

Seven or eight cities in the United States will show this film again this coming week. Plano, Texas, is one of the markets. Richard and I encourage you and your family to set time aside to see this movie. I guarantee you will be forever changed. The name again is Monumental.

 Go online to find the locations and times and I would suggest you order your tickets online before the weekend. Most theaters were sold out for last evenings showing. Visit DemandTheMovie.com for more information.

I’ve whispered the message to you with clarity and accuracy. Now it’s up to you. Will you listen? Will you learn? And then teach this message to future generations? Like the Pilgrims, we have been ordained to live “for such a time as this.”

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